Tents Make Memorable Event Settings

Create the perfect setting for your event. By the lake, at the park or on your lawn, canopies / tents accessories make your event memorable.

Tents Make Memorable Event Settings

Do you want your event to be open and airy, or more private? You can rent a tent with open sides, or one with sidewalls and windows. When you choose your style and size, there’s so much you can add to make your day unique. Here are the basic tent shapes usually available.

Party Canopy

This is a lightweight overhead shelter that protects guests from sun or light rain. It is inexpensive to rent, and most customers can erect and take down most canopies themselves. Canopy installation includes set up of one or more center poles.

Pop-up Canopy

A pop-up is a small, lightweight, collapsible-frame fabric canopy. This style provides shelter and protection from light rain. It is typically a do-it-yourself rental that can be erected and removed quickly.

Frame Canopy

A frame Canopy has a metal frame and no center poles. We will install this style of tent.

Pole Tent

A heavy-duty tent supported by poles around the perimeter and in the center. Pole tents are great shelters against most bad weather. We will install this style of tent.

Accessories You Can Rent For Your Event

We have flooring, heaters, walkways, air conditioners, and much more accessory options:

Tent Seating Arrangements

To maximize use of interior tent space, several seating arrangements are easy to accomplish. The following allowances are approximate.

Theater Seating

Banquet Seating

Cocktail Parties & Receptions

Additional Space Allowances