Keep savory dishes Hot, Hot, Hot!

Never worry about the food getting cold at any indoor or outdoor event. Keep the good times rolling and the hot food steaming by renting chafing dishes and urns and learn to operate them properly with these tips.

Canned heat Chafing & Urn operation

When your Chafer and Urn are designed for canned-heat operation:
  • Use only canned fuel in the burner
  • Fill the water pan, urn or kettle before lighting the burner
  • Pry open the lid of the canned-heat container; place contents into heat cup
  • Light fuel, adjusting the lid to approximately half-open
  • Low flame is sufficient to maintain proper heat
  • Keep away from open flame or hot stove
  • Stainless-steel food pans can be used for cooking and/or placed in the oven to retain heat
  • Fill chafing dish with hot water
  • Check pan during use to maintain sufficient water level

Protect your table linens or serving surface. Always rent an under-liner tray when using equipment that has burners!

Alcohol burner Chafing & Urn operation

When your Chafer and Urn are designed for alcohol burner operation:
  • Use ONLY alcohol in the burner unit, NEVER lighter fluid, gasoline or kerosene
  • Fill pan or urn with water before lighting
  • Low flame is sufficient to maintain heat level; wick should not extend more than ¼ inch
  • Wipe burner dry before lighting — do not overfill
  • Fill chafing dish pan with hot water
  • To maintain proper water level, check during use – NEVER USE WITHOUT WATER!
  • Fill urns or kettles before lighting, and maintain at least 1½ cups of liquid when in use
  • To light, turn burner up to “full”
  • Before serving, reduce wick raiser until the top row of holes is visible (¼ inch of wick exposed)
  • When liquid is removed, turn off burner

Cleaning instructions

Scrape and wash food pans in lukewarm water using mild detergent. NEVER use harsh abrasives.