Pedestals, Urns and Balusters

These furnishings add old-world grace and charm to the settings for your wedding events. The trend toward elegance and themes in weddings have increased the demand for rental pedestals, urns and balusters/balustrades.

Visualize the Possibilities

  • Place an urn atop a pedestal and fill it with wonderful silk or real flowers. This application is great for dressing up guest registry areas at the church and reception.

  • For a nighttime event, put a light in the base of balustrade/pedestal setup to create romantic illumination.
  • Incorporate elegant balustrades, such as a quarter-circle colonnade, or a model featuring four balusters that hold up a rail.
  • Use columns as aisle posts, with smaller pedestals going down the aisle and growing to 36 inches near the bride and groom stand.
  • Create drama with large 14″ to 20″ urns.
  • Ask your wedding photographer to incorporate the drama of these products into wedding and reception photos.

Product Definitions

  • Baluster – an upright, decorative post supporting a handrail, much like the banister of a staircase
  • Balustrade – a decorative railing placed together with supporting balusters (see above)
  • Colonnade – a row of columns, sometimes supporting an arch
  • Column – an round pillar shaped like a long cylinder
  • Pedestal – a base or support for a column, statue or urn
  • Pillar – a vertical column that is part of a structure used for support or decoration
  • Railings – a structure consisting of one or more rails and their supports used to provide a barrier or support
  • Urn – an ornamental vase that usually is combined with a foot or a pedestal