Dashing, Dazzling and Durable Dance Floors

Would you like something new – and something unique to you? Check out the growing choices in dance floors for rent. If you think wood-parquet flooring is the only dance-floor choice for your next event, there is a growing trend toward variety in Dance Floor Selection.

Variety & Flexibility

Improvements in plastics have created several advantages over wood floors:
  • Products can withstand various climates and moisture levels
  • They offer flexibility in color and design
  • Most take just one or two people to accomplish quick and easy setup
Popularity of black and white is extending beyond millennial productions into the dance-floor color scheme of choice
  • Be creative with black and white floor tiles. While a checkerboard pattern is in demand, try mixing tiles to create a black border around a white dance floor or visa versa.
  • All-black or all-white floors are dramatic
  • Traditional, reliable wood or wood-like parquet floors remain a classic, popular choice

Custom Orders

Trends show a shift toward customization, which can create very impressive results. Discuss creative ideas and options with our Event Sales Staff for your next event. Here are some ideas:
  • Overlay corporate logos and graphics on dance floors.
  • Experiment with colors using custom themes.
  • Consider using custom dance floors for other applications, such as VIP tents at golf tournaments or corporate fundraisers, as orchestra platforms, food-service-area flooring, or for creating pathways to different areas at an event.