It’s a New Year, a New Us, and now… New Linens!

That’s right! Starting March we’ll be adding 15 new options to our already large selection of linens. These new additions will feature several event design trends of the year, from bold colors to rich textures, to statement patterns, with a splash of the San Diego coastal lifestyle thrown in for taste.


One of the biggest trends in special event design is out with the straight, angular patterns of yesteryear and in with fluid, organic patterns, such our new Piuma style! This new style features an elegant design resembling feathers from exotic birds. Our Piuma linens will be available in bright Yellow and sunny Orange.

Basket Weave

Following with geometric patterns, the Basket Weave style incorporates a stylish pattern of criss-crossing waves. These will be available in Navy Blue and Lime Green, each with a lovely metallic sheen for a bright and bold statement.

Chevron Crush

Continuing with this year’s trends, our new Chevron Crush linens incorporate a rich crinkle texture in bold colors. The style features a decadent texture resembling the classic chevron pattern we all know and love for a truly luxurious tablecloth.

Our Chevron Crush linens will come in seven bold colors, including Silver, Gold and Blush. These linens are sure to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any event!

Coastal Stripe

True to the beauty of our native San Diego coast, our new Coastal Stripe linens remind us beach waves. These new linens are printed with a fun wave design and will be available in Blue and Orange.

Our Coastal Stripe linens are also reversible for a softer look!

Palm Tree

Continuing with the San Diego-inspired trend, our new Palm Tree style features big printed palm tree leaves for a fun beachy look. Give your next party a touch of the West Coast with playful tablecloths, or keep it simple with a runner over solid color linen.

Sand & Sea

Last but not least, our new San & Sea style features a beautiful metallic copper tablecloth embroidered with an intricate laser blue matrix to resemble sunlight dancing on the sandy bottom of the sea. Take your guests on a refreshing underwater experience with Sand & Sea tablecloths or runners.